Mary Kaija

Mary Kaija, REALTOR®

Speaks: English, French


(604) 254-5044



Meet Mary, a real estate agent with more than 13 years or experience, four of those dedicated to specializing in real estate financing. She integrated her expertise in interior design, new construction, renovation, and mortgage financing to deliver unparalleled service to her clients. An enthusiast for collaboration, She thrives in environments where she can work closely with others to achieve their goals.

As a real estate investor herself, she bring firsthand knowledge and insight to every transaction. With a diverse portfolio, she sold properties ranging from a wide range of new construction projects to selling an entire village. Her passion for what she does drives her to vigorously advocate for her client's interests as if they were her own. Her composed demeanor allows her to navigate any situation effectively, ensuring you receive a premium experience throughout the sale or purchasing process.

Mary Kaija does not currently have active listings. Please check back frequently or contact Mary Kaija directly.